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Care instructions

General Care Symbols

waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche
washing general do not wash hand wash
waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche
Wash 30°C Wash 30°C (gentle) Wash 30°C (very gentle)

waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche handwaesche handwaesche
Bleaching allowed (chlorine and oxygen) bleaching with oxygen allowed bleaching with chlorine allowed bleaching not allowed bleaching not allowed

Drum dryer
waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche handwaesche
Drum drying general Drum drying (low temperature) Drum drying (normal) Drum drying not allowed

Natural drying
waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen
Drying (general) Dry lying

waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche handwaesche handwaesche
Iron (general) Iron with low temperature Iron with middle temperature Iron with high temperature Do not iron

Professional cleaning
Chemical cleaning

waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen  
Professional cleaning No chemical cleaning  
waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen kohlenwasserstoff
cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent gentle cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent very gentle cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent
waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche
Cleaning with perchloroethylene Gentle cleaning with perchloroethylene Very gentle cleaning with perchloroethylen

Wet cleaning
waschen_allgemein nicht_waschen handwaesche
professional wet cleaning gentle professional wet cleaning very gentle professional wet cleaning

Nike Shoes Care Instructions

Nylon and Canvas shoes:
Using a soft cloth, gently scrub the uppers using mild soap and cold water and let air dry. Do not bleach or use harsh cleaning agents. Do not machine wash or machine dry.

Leather and Suede shoes:
Do not immerse or soak in water. Do not machine wash or machine dry leather and suede products. Hand wash them using a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and cold water. Clean your shoes immediately after using them when they are exposed to mud or dirt.

Synthetic Durabuck:
Using a soft cloth or soft bristle brush gently scrub the uppers using mild soap and cold water. Air dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry the product. Clean your shoes immediately after using them when they are exposed to mud or dirt.

CAUTION: Do not machine wash products that have leather or mesh components included on a synthetic leather shoe. Follow leather washing instructions. Do not put any Nike shoes in the clothes dryer.

Eastpak Care Instructions

Care instructions for fabric bags: Clean the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth. Do not bleach. Do not soak in water. Hang in a shady place. On bags with leather, avoid moistening the leather when cleaning. In case of a deep stain, clean the fabric with a cloth or soft brush using water and neutral soap. A universal-use protective spray (i.e. Scotchguard – found in most shoe or handbag departments) may be used to keep the product looking clean. Care instructions for leather bags: Our leather products have been made with care from genuine leather. The leather texture is naturally generated and will develop a rich patina over time. Any variations in the color and grain are a result of the natural characteristics of the leather. Care should be taken when wearing light colored garments to prevent color transfer (a natural risk with leather). Keep the product dry and avoid contact with damp or wet surfaces. Limit the exposure to direct heat or sunlight. To clean the product, just wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaners to care for the product. Optional care, not essential: With a soft brush, a colourless cream can be applied regularly to leather areas (not for Nubuck leather). The product can be protected by applying a waterproofing agent, following the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Herschel Care Instructions:
We recommend hand washing the product with mild soap and hanging to air dry. We do not recommend using the washing machine.

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