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About burner.de

Already in 1999, burner.de provided spray cans, supply and accessories related to the graffiti-culture as a small niche online mail order. In the very beginning burner.de was started as an online shop for the L&G Vertriebs GmbH and was used for purchase and sales. As years passed by the online shop could develop further. Thus street wear articles were added to its portfolio. Alongside traditional brands like adidas, Nike, Carhartt or Montana, smaller brands like ONLY NY or Daily Paper were also listed. More than 70 brands are offering a huge selection and variety of sneakers and street wear for the customers, not forgetting the graffiti roots of burner. 2014 burner celebrated its 15 year anniversary – there is no end in sight. Furthermore two offline Novacane stores in Berlin and Heilbronn, as well as graffitistyles.com, belong to burner.

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